The Battle of Badr – Against all Odds!


Today is the 17th of Ramadan, a very important date in the history of Islam which many Muslims may not even be aware of.

The battle of Badr was fought on 17th Ramadan 2 AH between the Islamic forces led by the Messenger (saw) and the idol worshipping pagans led by the leaders of Quraish. Indeed this was a great victory for Islam and the Muslims…one which set the tone for the ongoing struggle between the truth and falsehood and one which we can learn so much from in the current times.

What we saw on that day was a small ill equipped force take on and annihilate a large well equipped force against all odds. But what was the ‘real’ difference between these opposing forces?

On the one hand you had the Muslim forces led by the Messenger (saw), a unique brotherhood not witnessed before by the pagan Arabs. One which was not formed on the basis of tribe, race, social status etc. but formed on the basis of ‘La ilaha ilala’! This was a steadfast force, which had implemented the required practical steps of preparing for battle and then prayed to Allah (swt) for victory.

On the other hand you had the forces of the pagan Quraish which was formed on the basis of tribe, race, social status and more importantly led by falsehood and arrogance! This was a force intent on destroying Islam and the Muslims from the face of the earth.

“And say: The truth has come and the falsehood has vanished; surely falsehood is a vanishing (thing)”. [Surah Al-Isra:81]

Subhan’Allah, as we know the victory was indeed for the truth and the falsehood was smashed!

So what lessons do we learn from the battle of Badr which we can apply today?

What if I was to tell you that our situation today is not too different from the battle of Badr? Well, there were two sides then, one of truth and the other of falsehood, and there are also these two sides today. We even have the Kufaar today fighting Islam both militarily and intellectually and they are as intent of destroying Islam today as were the Quraish then.

The main difference we have here my brothers and sisters is in the ranks of the Muslims. Today we do not have the same unity as the forces at Badr and we do not understand and carry Islam like they did. We also see that there are some Muslims who are content with the situation of Islam and the Muslims today and don’t feel obliged to do anything about this. Neither are we steadfast and neither are we performing the practical steps needed to change the situation of the Ummah… and yet we expect to be victorious.

So if we are going to win the battle between the truth and falsehood, Islam and Kufr, we need to struggle and strive to be like the Muslims of Badr, who honoured their pledge to their Lord and his Messenger (saw), understood their Deen, implemented it and sacrificed everything for the sake of Allah (swt) in return for his pleasure. Once we have performed the required actions needed to resume the Islamic way of life, the victory of Allah (swt) will soon follow Insha’Allah.

The next time someone tells you that America, ‘Israel’ and the West in general are too powerful to defeat and that we have no chance against them, tell them to go and read up about the battle of Badr! That will give them something to think about…

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