“Indeed Satan is an enemy to you, so take him as an enemy!


“They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect His light, although the disbelievers dislike it.” [61:8]

The battle between good and evil, truth and falsehood (haqq and baatil) has been ongoing from the time Iblis refused to bow down before Adam (a.s) and was banished from the heavens. So much was the arrogance of Iblis that he had the audacity to challenge Allah (swt) in that he would deviate men from the path of truth onto the path of falsehood.

The Qur’an relates stories of the previous prophets and how they were sent as messengers from their lord to lead people to the truth whilst Iblis and his army of Shayateen were fighting this true message with the message of falsehood. Allah (swt) sent many prophets to guide their people such as Nuh (a.s), Saleh (a.s), Musa (a.s), Isa (a.s) and the final Messenger, the best of creation our Master Muhammad (saw).

So in fact the message of Islam which was revealed to the Messenger (saw) is the final chapter in the battle between haqq and baatil… i.e the Deen of Islam vs Kufr.

Same enemy, different face

If we observe the current attack on Islam by the Capitalist West, we should understand that this is a continuation of the same ongoing battle between Haqq and baatil which began at the time of Adam (a.s)… The only difference being that the face of the enemy has changed over time.

If we look back at the life of the Messenger (saw) we can see that there was a conflict between Islam and the idol worshippers of Quraysh. We can see how the Quraysh fought Islam and the Messenger (saw), tortured his companions, boycotted them and eventually tried to assassinate the Messenger (saw). However, in the end the Messenger (saw) and Islam were Victorious!

Once the entire Arabian peninsula came into Islam, the struggle moved onto the Roman Byzantium and Persian empires…until Islam was Victorious!

Then we had the Crusades where the Christians of Europe attacked the Muslim lands and occupied Al-Quds… until Islam was Victorious!

This was followed by the arrival of the Mongols who devastated the Muslim world and totally destroyed Baghdad,  the capital of the Abbasid Caliphate… until Islam was again Victorious!

Finally we had the Colonialists (the British and French) and missionaries who fought the Ottoman Caliphate both militarily and intellectually eventually succeeding in their objective of destroying the Islamic State and enslaving the entire Muslim world.

The Colonialists would have hoped that the sons of the Ummah would now give up their Deen and that the idea of the Caliphate would become a story of the past… just like the previous empires such as the Romans who came, conquered and then disappeared.

But how wrong they were… The Muslim Ummah held onto its Deen and now yearns for the return of the Islamic way of life via the Khilafah state.

Current Face of the Enemy: America led by the Ideology of Capitalism

If we look at the struggle today, America is fighting Islam as it is the only obstacle it faces since the fall of Communism to its ‘New World Order’, i.e total domination and complete rule of Capitalism in the world.

Islam is the ONLY threat to the Capitalist ideology  in the same way it was a threat to the Quraysh, the Persian and Roman empires.

This is the reason why the West led by America are fighting Islam, as they are well aware that the rise of Islam would end their current domination of the World. America is well aware of the glorious history of Islam and the Europeans are still haunted by the thoughts of what would have happened had Vienna fallen to the Ottoman army in the summer of 1683? History testifies that when the Ummah was united under the banner of Khilafah, when it had understood, implemented and carried Islam correctly, it was unstoppable!

We have our heroes of the past…

O Muslims, if we examine our history and the battle between Islam and kufr, we can see that Islam was victorious due to the efforts of the Muslims at that time. Whether it was Abu Bakr, Umar, Khalid Ibn Al-Walid, Salahuddin Ayyubi, Saif ad-Din Qutuz, Suleyman kanooni (may Allah be pleased with them all), these are the characters who stand out as those who fought on the side of truth against falsehood and left their legacy behind.

For how much longer are we going to keep on asking “Where is Salahuddin?”. “Where is Saif ad- Din Qutuz?”. Are we going to wait for the dead to come back to life to liberate the Ummah from the shackles of Kufr?! No! They will not return! These are but excuses for those who wish to refrain from their duties of Islam and have no intention to participate in the battle between the truth and falsehood, even though the enemy is in plain sight…

“Indeed Satan is an enemy to you, so take him as an enemy” [35:6]

…but who will be the heroes of today?

O Muslims, it is time we realised that those heroes played their part in the struggle between Islam and kufr, but that was in the past! We need to aspire to become the heroes of today! We need to start participating in the struggle of our generation and start to work to resume the Islamic way of life following the methodology of the Messenger (saw). We need to start working to bring back the system which provides the solutions to all of the problems we face today.

“O you who have believed, respond to Allah and to the Messenger when he calls you to that which gives you life” [8:24]

O Muslims, it is time we shoulder the responsibility of the Ummah and respond to the call of Allah (swt).

Do we want to be remembered in the history books of Islam as that ‘wretched and shameless’ generation which did not participate in the struggle between Islam and kufr of its time? As those who did not come to the defense of their Deen? Or to the defense of their Messenger (saw)? Neither to the defense of their brothers, sisters, sons and daughters?

What we need to remember is that victory of Islam over kufr has been promised by Allah (swt) and there is no doubt in this matter. The question you have to ask yourselves is ‘do we want to be part of the promised victory or the ones who stood by idly and became losers in this life and the next?’

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: “You are on one of the front lines of Islam; so do not let them creep in from your side.”

O Muslims, it is time for us to stand up for Islam and be counted! It is time we became people of ‘action’ by participating in the struggle of our time and by protecting the trench of Islam from our side.

Dear Muslims… Salvage yourselves

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