Medina Bomb Attack

The bomb attacks in Medina, which has a special symbolism in the culture and the rites of the Muslims, have invoked the wrath of the Muslim against all those who take up arms as a means to generating change, killing off any sentiment of sympathy.

These attacks are designed to demonise Islamic dynamism and the concepts of Islam, arouse a distaste for the religion among the Muslims and dissuade the Muslims from working for it.

As for the political dimension of these criminal acts, meticulously concocted in the incubators of the intelligence agencies and the government, it aims at deepening domestic strife in the Muslims’ lands and engrossing them further in their own quandaries, thus sidetracking them from their real enemy incarnated in America, her allies and “Israel”.

It also aims at justifying the secularist/crusader campaign against the Muslims and validate the conspiracies of the collaborating rulers, their participation in the campaign and their oppression of those who resist it.

Let’s not forget that the project of fragmenting the region has not excluded Saudi Arabia in the forthcoming phase; and such actions pave the way for placing the file of the Saudi regime on the table.

We do not expect the rulers of Saudi to react in any manner except giving further capitulations, conspiring against the Ummah and giving America and her allies more resources to oppress the Muslims for the sake of maintaining their throne. We have not heard anything from the scholars of the “Najdi Hawza” except their criminalising of the executors without mentioning those who groomed, bankrolled and facilitated their operations. How vile are those scholars who have sold their religion in exchange for the worldly gains of others; and how vile are the rulers who are dragged towards the ruining of their countries and toppling their own thrones while they watch. No commiseration for an Ummah who accepted the collaborators as rulers, afflicting on her the cruellest suffering.

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