Morsi the Pretender

The opinion of Mohammed Morsi on the issue of ruling and the party of Erdoğan  is really perplexing. In one of his essays published by al-Sham League of Writers on 11 August 2007 he wrote:
“And the Turkish Justice and Development party (AKP) declares its agreement and approval of the state’s secularity according to the known western concept and differs with our fundamental great aim, namely for the Muslims to have a Muslim state; whereas the AKP, which is currently ruling one of the political components of the Turkish state with its current constitution and after the collapse of the Islamic Khilafah and the rise of the Ataturk nationalism, is still up until today endorsing the secularity of the state with its constitution, laws and inclination towards Europe of which it is eagerly working towards becoming a member. It transpires from all of this that if one wanted to describe his movement as Islamic he should have Islam and Islam alone as the first and final word in his methodology, application, comportment, aims, objectives, observations and reviews, since the precept is not in the expressions and premises but rather in the intentions and denotations; and let everyone choose for himself what he wishes. However, let it be known to everyone that only the sound Islam with its true method will remain and anything else will not be able to persevere and continue. “As far as the scum is concerned, it passes away as does all dross, but that which is of benefit to mankind abides on earth; in this way Allah does set forth the parables.” [13-17] End.
Hence, we say: His authority failed to persevere and continue because the method of gradualism does not tally with the concept of governance and the system of Islam; thus it was scum… So will Erdoğan  take heed?
“O you who believe why do you say one thing and do another * Most loathsome in the sight of Allah that you say what you do not do.” [61-2,3]
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