Tunisian Premier Youssef Chahed – Former Employee of US Embassy in Tunis


We can safely say that whatever Tunisia has left in terms of resources is expected to be up for grabs during the tenure of the new government. We can read the forthcoming political scene through the liberal economic culture of the new prime minister Youssef Chahed. The political scene will be primarily dominated by the execution of the privatisation programme through a government that enjoys the consent of the political parties and parliament, which is expressive of the “volition of the masses”.

International Oligarchy derives its survival and fulfils the proclivity for ownership and material value that dominate it through the generation of functional entities to serve its interests. In the democratic Western world, the Oligarchic class controls – through democracy – the outcome of the elections by nominating and backing their agents in power. As for the Muslims’ countries, where the huge resources are, the Western version of liberal democracy is inadequate to achieve their interests unless they liberalised the economy but not the political systems. In order to achieve this, it was necessary to replace the autocratic regimes through a quasi-democracy that allows for the effectuation of the masses’ volition and at the same time allows this volition to be hijacked. And in order to lend a legitimate and democratic aspect to oppression and tyranny, it is also imperative to demonise the real rival, namely Islam, since it calls for liberation and freedom, and resisting the world oligarchy and its capitalist doctrine. This is why they concocted the afreet, aka “terrorism” and set about attempting to rid the world of it.

As things stand, the terrorist operations are expected to increase to supply the functional regimes with the pretexts of oppression and tyranny and to reproduce them in a legitimate democratic manner, thus giving the capitalist west the incentive to corroborate its influence and protect its interests in the Islamic lands. This narrative may be the headline of the Tunisian political scene in the forthcoming period.

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One thought on “Tunisian Premier Youssef Chahed – Former Employee of US Embassy in Tunis

  • 15th August 2016 at 1:06 pm

    Salamu alaikum Brother,

    Excellent post.

    Not to be picky, but please try to complete your thought before connecting it with another.

    An example, “As for the Muslims’ countries, where the huge resources are,” present, in abundance, exploited are words that can be used to connect the though to what they will do to it.

    Your analysis of the situation and its connection to what is happening and what might happen to the region, with connection to the abuse of Muslim resources through incompetent and puppet regimes is spot on.


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