So Sorry! Aleppo!


Your besieging and the slaying of your children has come at the lowest point in the history of the Islamic Ummah, who has been experiencing unprecedented division and confusion… the carnage of Aleppo will not be stopped by sit-ins or demonstrations because Russia, Iran and the Syrian regime are hell-bent in declaring victory over the children, elderly, women and fighters who possess nothing but a firm resolve and meagre weaponry. This frenzy and those beasts would only be repelled by a sincere stance led by Turkey; and although Erdoğan would not be brave enough to take such a decision, let the sincere officers of his country break free, as well as all the sincere officers from the armies of the region on whom we have spent our wealth to protect us rather than kill us. Let them take a stand for the sake of Allah (swt) and put an end to this shambles… otherwise, history would list them among the traitors, the collaborators and the dumb devils; and this would be a shame shrouding them and haunting them and their offspring until the day the Ummah breaks free from the shackles of the Kafir West… then, the position will be like it was during the time of Salahuddine.

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