Silence of the Arab regimes over Western Terrorism


The regimes of the Islamic world have given up raising the issue of “intellectual reviews” to tackle “terrorism” like the Egyptian and Saudi regimes had done with the “Jihadi” groups. Instead, they have replaced such reviews with the policy of renewing the religious discourse and crushing all those who carry the concept of Jihad under the pretext of combating “terrorism” since the targets are the Ummah and her religion rather than the “Jihadi groups”.

Terrorism is an American and Western construct that has been designed to target Islam and its current objective is to destroy the Islamic lands, kill the Muslims and subjugate them. The issue of intellectual reviews with “Jihadi groups” has become redundant; In fact Jihadi groups are being sponsored and their thoughts invested to justify the call for renewing the religious discourse and “purifying the heritage” in order to distort Islam, change the identity of the Ummah and turn the battle into an infighting between the Muslims. Why do the Arab regimes browbeat a bunch of deviant and misguided wannabe “terrorists” and not utter a word about the Iranian, Russian, American and “Israeli” terrorism and commotion?

What the Muslims should perceive is that combating terrorism means only one thing, namely struggling against the regimes and the states that practise and sponsor it, especially the US. As for those misguided deviants, they should be confronted intellectually and their blood should not be violated except in self-defence.

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