Is Erdoğan a Secularist with an Islamic Cloak or an Islamist with a Secular Doctrine?

Our problem with Erdoğan is that he has precluded the Shari’ah criteria pertaining to the viewpoint towards governance and political issues among the masses. He champions secularism and rules according to it ; yet, he presents himself as an Islamic model to the point where people could no longer distinguish between Islam and Kufr. He seeks to please America and supports her in the Greater Middle East Initiative to reshape the region in a manner that serves her interests and yet he falls out with her over the Kurdish entity and her conspiracies against him and Morsi. He maintains strong economic , military and security ties with “Israel” and sympathises with it to the point where he sends fire- fighting aircraft to help combat fires; yet he describes its leaders as criminals in Davos. He backs Hamas but he and Qatar exert pressure on it to twist its arm into adopting the defeatist negotiation process. He is hostile towards Bashar Assad but sides with his main sponsor Russia. He jostles with Iran over the Syrian file and supports the Syrian opposition groups; yet he hands Aleppo over to her and offers the fighting groups and their territories to Russia and America on a silver platter.

He has a freewill but he cannot implement Islam, not even gradually! He has a powerful army capable of securing a NATO summit in Poland and of downing a Russian jetfighter and he enjoys the support of a sizeable Muslim popular base but he cannot impose his will and fulfil the Islamic inclinations of the masses. He can change the constitution and turn Turkey’s parliamentary system into a presidential one, and hold all the powers in his hand, but he cannot change its system into an Islamic one under the pretext of lacking protection, which according to him we think, can only be achieved by controlling the whole world. He falls out with Europe and attempts to regulate Turkey according to the criteria of the EU in order to join it. He wants to uphold Turkey’s freedom and independence but within the shackles of NATO, Europe and the international capitalist order. He protects some of the Muslims’ lives and violate the blood of others. We wish he would realise that “East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet.” If he were to be straight with the West, he would deviate from his religion.

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