Secularism thrives in Turkey under Erdoğan


We advocate every action leading to curbing Kufr in the Muslims’ lands or to bolstering the standing of Islam. However, we ought to judge matters by linking them to their political motives. Hence, we have deduced that downsizing the role of the Atatürkist military institution had not been in the context of proceeding towards Islam but rather in response to the Western liberal democratic movement, which had been seeking to meet the criteria of joining the European Union within an American plan that would turn Turkey into a Trojan horse in Europe. The European leaders have been conscious of this narrative and have been striving tooth and nail to prevent it since admitting Turkey into the EU with her military might and sizable population, in addition to her economic clout, which had been bolstered for that purpose, would turn her into a rival to the European major powers and give her an influential say in the policies of the EU.

Hence, Erdoğan has been instrumental in turning the Turkish regime characterised by extreme secularism into a regime that is shaped by soft secularism, from a declining economy into an emerging and developing one and from a corrupt administration into a relatively transparent one; he also relaxed the suppression imposed on Islam and championed freedom of creed and equality between Islam and Christianity within a secular framework. All those undertakings were designed to entrench secularism, suppress the penchant of the masses towards Islam and keep them within the secular incubator. Hence, Erdoğan has always been working within the American political plan for Turkey.  As for the actions that seem on the surface to be Islamic, they are designed to pay court to the popular base he relies upon and to shore up Turkey’s role in projecting a moderate Islamic model to the masses of the region.

How could anyone perceiving reality by linking it to the political motives and Western schemes sing the praises of a freak Islamic specimen that achieves nothing but an entrenchment of Kufr and an erosion of the boundaries between Islam and Kufr; a specimen that places the Muslims in a state of unconsciousness while teasing their inclinations with futile manoeuvres that only lead to serving the enemies of Islam? Muslims ought to be mindful of what is being concocted against them in terms of fiendish conspiracies. The Kuffar have generated a ‘Jihad’ for the Muslims, but only against one another; they have placed them in unequal wars and established for them a Khilafah which a Muslim would reject, let alone others; they have also occasioned a “parallel” Islam under the pretext of adhering to the Qur’an and erupted several revolutions to dupe them into liberation. Do we belie the palpable, accuse ourselves of living in a conspiracy theory and do we choose to embrace idiocracy voluntarily?

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