Finsbury Park Attack


The attack on Muslims after Taraaweeh prayer is not the first attack against Muslims in the West and it won’t be the last. The attack pales in significance to the attacks that take place against the Muslims on a daily basis in Iraq, Syria, Kashmir, Palestine, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Burma and the list goes on.
All that is taking place is part of a war that is taking place against the Islamic Ummah and Muslims are not safe from its effects anywhere. Violence is not the only tool that is being used against the Muslims and whilst we mourn those who are injured or killed in a physical attack we don’t mourn the thousands who are turning away from Islaam and embracing beliefs and thoughts of disbelief as whole generations of Muslims are being raised upon a western ideological culture. Safety, wealth, and comfort are not the meaning of success in this temporary Dunyaa even though most people are deceived.

All of these attacks, physical and cultural against the Islamic Ummah wherever Muslims are, in the Muslim world or non-Muslim world, will continue unabated and the rulers of the Muslim world have already sworn allegiance to the US and the West that they will do all that is in their power to support their war against Islaam.

We have to realise that all the attacks against Islaam and all the suffering of the Muslim Ummah are linked to one single problem and one single solution. Just like collecting money for Syria and Palestine will do nothing to bring the Islamic solution for its people, similarly talking to our neighbours and the wider community about “true” Islaam will do nothing to solve the problems of the Muslims in the West or the Muslims elsewhere.

There is only one solution for the problems of the Muslims; in the Muslim world and in the non-Muslim world. That is the work for the resumption of the Islamic way of life and Da’wah to mankind via the establishment of the Islamic Khilafah State. Only an Islamic government that unifies the Ummah and rules by Islaam and makes Islaam and it’s spread the reason for its existence can solve these problems. Nothing but a state that represents Islam and the Muslims can counter the problems the Muslims face today, all of their problems without exception.

If you want children to be raised on Islaam then work for the Khilafah because setting up local Tarbiyah sessions for children and parents is a distraction from the work of Khilafah.

If you want non-Muslims to embrace Islaam and to be aware of our great Deen then work for the establishment of the Khilafah because it is the Islamic method to spread Islaam in the world and to non-Muslims.

Any action linked to addressing the political problems of the Muslims which is not directly linked to the establishment of the Khilafah is a distraction and diversion from what Allah has commanded us. The work for Khilafah is a serious political work and it is not fulfilled by talking about Islam in general terms, mixing spiritual talks and concepts with political talks on occasions, providing the Muslims with the nice Islaam that they want to hear about. No, this work is a serious work and the only way to absolve the sin is to be serious and make sure that your Da’wah work is focused on this objective. That means you have to think seriously, plan seriously and dedicate yourself seriously. It is not sufficient hoping that your actions are somehow linked or that your affiliation somehow absolves you. No, the Kuffar are working very seriously and are very dedicated and meticulous in their efforts. If we are general and vague lacking clear focus and vision and discussing Islamic concepts in the most general of ways … If we cannot see how every action is clearly linked to the greatest obligation and the only solution to the Ummahs’s suffering, then we are not fulfilling our obligation and cannot expect change to come. We are in that case no better than those who raise their hands in Du’aa and ask Allah to change everything and grant victory without undertaking that which leads to that change and victory. Unless we undertake everything that is required to bring that change and that victory then we are not fulfilling that which we are responsible for and we are only deceiving ourselves and those around us.

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