The Arab Political Milieu and the American Vassalage Syndrome


One of the prominent opposition figures in Libya, who describes himself as a “secular centrist”, has been relentlessly campaigning for Libya’s presidential candidate Abdul Basit Igtet, describing him as sincere and claiming he would be the saviour. He has urged the Libyans to respond to the call of Igtet and take to the streets on 25 September so that their voice may reach the White House. This Igtet is calling for an exclusive partnership with America, provided she employs the Libyans in her colonialist firms once she has taken possession of Libya’s wealth with the consent of the Libyans. Have they not heard Donald Trump say: “We should’ve said [to the rebels], we’ll help you, but we want 50% of your oil”? Or are they from among those who have “accepted and complied” as per the Hadith of the Messenger of Allah (saw)?  Is it not America who is backing Khalifah Haftar, Ibrahim Jadhran, Fayez al-Siraj, Aguila Saleh Issa and Abdul Rahman Souihli via Egypt, the UAE and Saudi and exploiting them to persecute and impoverish the Libyans?

America has clearly groomed some “hard personalities” such as Haftar and Jadhran, supplied them with Daesh as a pretext to exterminate the masses and backed them via Egypt and the Emirates; she has also groomed a host of “docile” wolves  in sheep’s clothing such as Abdul Basit Igtet, the group of al-Sukhayrat and Libya  Al-Ghad. She has provided them with means of survival via Qatar in order to drag the Libyans into submission and lure them into making their pilgrimage to the White House and sacrificing the oil on the day of An-Nahr in exchange for getting rid of the dictators and entering the promised democratic paradise which she bestowed upon the Iraqis after she had ridden them of Saddam Hussein.

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