No Terrorism in Islam


Terrorism is a “false flag” and it is the term used in the West to describe fabricated operations. Hence, it is a charade Western intelligence services contrived and implemented to achieve political aims during the Cold War between the US and the Soviet Union under the codename Operation Gladio. At the time several squads stemmed from the Operation Gladio network specialising in terrorist plots in the Islamic countries, such as the Clandestine Planning Committee and the Allied Clandestine Committee (ACC), with the aim of demonising Islam and the Muslims and justifying Western intervention and hegemony over our lands. This has been exposed by American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh and Swiss historian Daniele Ganser which is contrary to the claims of the secularists, namely that the Muslims are obsessed with the conspiracy theory.

The Arab regimes have cloned the strategy of “terrorism” and perfected its manipulation in collusion with the West, be it by exploiting the state of ignorance and dejection and the sense of revenge among errant youngsters and by establishing “Jihadi” groups or by infiltrating the groups that have cropped up amidst a climate of a religious zeal devoid of any awareness, with the aim of luring the youths into letting off steam through reckless acts, justifying the iron-fisted approach against the masses and divert their attention away from issues they wish to pass without any popular protest.

Islam does proscribe criminal acts, whether those executed by intelligence services or carried out under religious pretences because the blood of the Muslim and the covenantor is inviolable and because criminal acts would only bring harm to Islam and the Muslims, lead to shedding innocent blood as well as waste the energy of Muslim youth in futile actions. This would only give the rulers the pretext to oppress the sincere Da’awah carriers and enable the colonial Kafir to execute its plans.

We urge that deviant groups to reconsider their approach, fear Allah (swt) towards the inviolable lives and to refrain from being embroiled in actions and plots designed only to destroy the Islamic Da’awah, perpetuate falsehood and aid the enemies of the Ummah to intervene and dominate the Muslims’ lands. We urge the pious scholars to spread awareness among the people. We also call those in the security services to expose the true reality of “terrorism” and its connection to the projects and objectives of the colonialist west lest the “criminal acts” be exploited as a pretext to distort Islam and tighten the siege imposed on the sincere activists to the advantage of the preachers of Westernisation, secularism and liberalism.

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